Communicating Climate Change

Young & Unafraid

Today we face, as humanity, one truly global threat. A threat that is total in the geographical, thematic and musical sense of the term. In effect, all regions of the world, all aspects of life (security, health, education…) and particularly all musical genres (from rock to rap, via folk/indie skat) are bound to be affected. True story.

It is therefore a threat that should bring people from all walks of life together, stronger than ever before. Younger, not so young(er), R&B-loving Ghanaians as much as the Merengue-listening Colombians… But enough with the silly musical anecdotes, this unity has yet to be witnessed, and that is no laughing matter.

For all of you that still wonder what the hell I am going on about, it’s not about cats taking over the internet, Christopher Walken’s stare, or yet another recommended diet from women’s magazines. The threat I am jabbering on about is climate change.

The force is strong with this universal threat. Despite the disheartening green-washing or the annoying green-bashing that has occurred, climate change has taken centre stage along with financial and social concerns amongst global leaders. Yes, they do meet at least twice a year to discuss it, or as some pessimists might say: have coffee, disagree and then jet home.

Nevertheless, whatever doubt there may remain concerning humanity’s responsibility, however much people grow frustrated about it, the fight against climate change is here to stay. Wrestling with climate change is inside the mind of a great and growing number of people, be it as a force for good, a nuisance or otherwise. It is no longer dismissed or forgotten. Even Tony Stark (aka Iron Man), the billionaire, genius, philanthropist, playboy (not necessarily in that order) from the last Avengers movie underlines that his new towering building’s greatest accomplishment is not that it is, in fact, towering over New York City, but completely energetically self-sufficient.

And there you have it. A comic book comparison done well. Not only is no-one surprised that such a fact is of significant importance, in the movie industry or in the world audience, but it also shows what great opportunity lies ahead.

As many people, in an attempt to stun you with overused knowledge, have probably already told you, the word “crisis” in Chinese symbols is made of both danger and opportunity. Climate change is no different. The danger is great, yes. But the opportunity that has arisen is far greater for humanity. We have before us now, the opportunity to finally get together and confront a common threat united.

What more binding threat than climate change, which does not discriminate, pick and choose or make any exceptions. Whether or not we agree upon its source, it is happening, and we must learn to adapt and mitigate it (unless you happen to be Canada). It is therefore a challenge we should not fear, but accept to change and confront.

Because humanity is only waking up to this, we (and I do include all generations, from Obama and students to your granny and Christopher Walken) are all the same: fresh, and young in the face of danger, perhaps too optimistic but full of energy in the face of opportunity.

It is a question of point of view. You can decide to have a headache over climate change negotiations or come up with innovative ideas to change the current unsustainable paradigm. This small step/giant leap is already happening (CliMates anyone?). So, yes, it is an innocent and naïve thought, but from where I’m looking, the greatest challenge will unveil the best in humanity.

To everyone, to all generations and especially the next, and to melting ice caps and droughts, we are all young and unafraid to find solutions. We are the people who move forward, with open eyes and open minds, gritted teeth and dashing smiles. We are of those that have made the world advance; we are united, bold and resolute. Where there is a will, there is a way.

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