Photo Contest

CliMates is very pleased to announce the winners of the first round of our international photography competition.


 It was a tough choice between some great submissions, but after deliberating with our 2 jury members David Bart and Anna Katharina Scheidegger we would like to award the following prizes:


‘The Shepherd’ by Nicolas Pinceloup


“Taken in 2014 in Morocco”

(Judges note: this prize was awarded both for the aesthetic merit of the photo and the way in which it explores a moment of reciprocity between man and nature).



‘Restoration of Mangroves’ by Prudence Dabasanze


“The Restoration of Mangroves is one of the adequate solutions to face the negative impacts of Climate change. Everyone is concerned and it is now or never. Trees are quite important in our daily life, just plant one for its shadow and you will earn more from it very soon!”



‘My Father’ by Santiago Ismael Vega


“This is a picture I took to my father, who is a farmer. The photo was taken in our farm in San Ramón (a rural canton of Costa Rica), in our chile (pepper) plantation and we were working tying up the plants for the harvest (so what he has are the cords needed for doing it). Farmers are among the wisest persons I have ever met. They understand the weather and the land. They live an « everyday-discipline », and they feed us. They take care of us by taking care of our main source of life: Nature and land.”

 A very close contender for 3rd place:

By Aziliz Klapper


“Aziliz Klapper, a student in veterinary science, went to Iceland to lead a research project into the relationship between a mare and her foal in Irish horse herds. Existing independently in the wild, these two were a perfect model for observing the natural state of this special relationship, and give us a new take on our current habit of severing of natural bonds between animals.”


A big thank you to everyone who participated in the first round of our International Photography Competition, which is part of this year ArtCop21. If you were not part of our winners  for this first month of competition, just try your luck with our already announced second theme!

And take a moment to check the profiles of our jury of two professional photographers:


David Bart is an artist and filmmaker. He did a degree in Fine Art at Bordeaux and was awarded his DNSEP with the congratulations of the Jury.

Through his photography, installation and films, his artistic practise focuses on the relativity of perception as well as the notion of human fragility.

Forging a path that bridges contemporary art and cinema, his work blurs the boundaries between fiction, documentary and experimental film, using various view points and a combination of negatives and digital film that gives for a very singular creative style. His films are regularly shown in festivals.


Anna Katharina was born in Switzerland (1976). She attended the ENSAD (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris until her graduation, with distinction, in 2003. She then went on to study at Le Fresnoy, the national school of contemporary art.

Anna Katharina has worked in a variety of media from photography, to video and film. Her photographs are part of the National Fund of Contemporary Arts of France, the maison européen de la photographie in Paris, the collection Société Général and the Ing Real Estate Photography Collection. Her photographs, films and videos have been exhibited all over Europe (Grand Palais, Musée du Jeu de Paume, European Media Festival Osnabrück, Interfilm Berlin, Kunsthalle Bern, the Rencontres d’Arles), and in Korea, Cambodia, Canada, Syria and Brazil. She has been invited all over the world on artist residencies and has received many international awards for her work.

Her films and photographs depict urban phenomena, architectural signs, the link between architecture, power and society and images of past and future. Around this theme, Anna Katharina works in film photography, video and film, affirming the primacy of documentary that she is always redefining and clarifying. Modalities of expression, organization and development of her work, the relationship between still image and moving images is each time redefined by the topic.


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