Photo Contest

CliMates is very pleased to announce the winners of the second round of our international photography competition


It was a tough choice between some great submissions, but after deliberating with our two jury members David Bart and Anna Katharina Scheidegger we would like to award the following prizes for the second theme of our international photo competition « Water source of life« :


« Humanity on Earth » by Leslie Tourneville

Leslie tourneville 2 Humanity on Earth - Volcano Villarica, Chile Volcano Villarica, Chile.


« Amazonia » by Elsa Andrade


« This picture was taken in 2012 on the Amazon river in Brazil where we can see two children on a pirogue at sunset. The river plays a vital part for locals (ribeirinhos and Amazon Indians) who move essentially by waterways. In Amazonia, many dams threaten the ecological balance and the survival of these populations among which isolated indigenous groups are the most vulnerable. »


« Kids in the sea » by Nicolas Pinceloup


« It was taken in Bali, approximatively a year ago. I was with two friends of mine chilling on the beach to catch the sunfall on the sea and there were a lot of surfers on the spot and these kids were playing in the sea. It was a wonderful moment to spend a few hours there. Such a nice spot. »

Fourth PLACE to

« Surfing in Munich » by Adrien Comte

Adrien Comte

Fifth PLACE to

Lake Tota in Boyacá, Colombia, by Daniela Gutierrez Torres

Daniela Gutiérrez Torres (2) » Tota Lake watershed has a high social, environmental and economic value at both the regional and national level. It provides a variety of ecosystem services such as water supply for human consumption and agricultural and industrial activities. Tota Lake is the source of drinking water for approximately 140.000 inhabitants of Boyacá department »

A big thank you to everyone who participated in the second round of our International Photography Competition, which is part of this year ArtCop21. If you were not part of our winners for this second month of competition, just try your luck with our already announced third theme !

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