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Alice’s adventures in ADPland (1/2)

This article is part of the Cimate Nerd Chronicles

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Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by some strangers on the train and of having nothing to do. Once or twice she had peeped into the documents her neighbors were reading but they had no pictures or conversations in it, and « what is the use of a document », thought Alice, « if there are so many words in it! ».

She was wandering in her own thoughts when she saw a white rabbit wearing a blue necklace and a suitcase who seemed to be in a hurry.

Oh dear! oh dear! It shall be too late !

Alice thought that she had never seen a rabbit with a suitcase in the past, but following her instinct, decided to follow him. She jumped off the train and without even paying attention she had already entered a magical world – ADPland.

Alice found herself in an entrance hall leading to many different corridors, leading to many different rooms, leading to different desks and chairs. She opened a door and entered a first room, « Mitigation » was written on a big screen. “What does that mean ?” Alice thought. Many cards, mostly Kings and Queens, were sitting at a table, discussing what seemed to be a pressant issue. Even the white rabbit was there but while he was running when she first met him on the train, the rabbit was now calm and quiet. In ADPland, time has stopped.

One after the other, the cards seriously expressed their views. They were speaking English, and still, Alice could hardly understand their language.

We should first agree on a framework with different options, said a King.

We would like to express our need for more clarity and transparency on the rules of this process,

another card said. A King reminded the audience that, not only mitigation but also the inclusion of adaptation was crucial – but the poor card was interrupted by the Queen of Hearts, shouting at the top of her voice :

Off with his loss and damage ! the rabbit said.

The room suddenly started to feel small to Alice, way too small for the immensity and gravity of the issues at stake.

Advice from a smoking caterpillar

As the walls of the room were shrinking on Alice, she ran out of the room, and made her way to the backyard so she could find some fresh air. « This world, Alice said, I do not understand it! I think I could if only I knew how to begin ».

Right next to her, there was a smoking Caterpillar. The Caterpillar looked like he had been around for many years and surely he knew what was going on.

« Who are you ? » said the Caterpillar.

Alice replied, rather shyly « I hardly know, Sir, just at present, – at least I know I was young when I woke up this morning ».

After several existential questions, the Caterpillar finally offered Alice the opportunity to understand better ADPland.

I am from CliMates and I shall give you advice, said the Caterpillar.

« Keep your temper, the Caterpillar continued,  and take a look at that ». On a table, Alice was scared to find a document which said « Co-Chair Non-paper Tools Illustrating Possible Elements on the Paris Package », but she realized that next to it there was a computer opened on the UNFCCC website, where she could read  « VISIT ME ». She also found a blog that thoughtfully explained the issues.

All of a sudden, as Alice plunged into all these words, this odd world with its odd acronyms started to make more sense to her. She thanked the Caterpillar for his advices and told him she was willing to go back to the rooms and think about innovative solutions to the big problems of ADPland.

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