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Alice’s adventures in ADPland (2/2)

This article is part of the Climate Nerd Chronicles.

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Bannière CN

The trial

In the next room Alice entered, all the Kings and Queens were solemnly sitting around a large table, so large that it went from one end of the room to the other. Stuck in a tiny corner, speccy people were preparing their fingers to write each and every word that would be said.

The White Rabbit cried out :

Silence in the court ! I will read the accusation :

The Kings and Queens, they had a clean atmosphere,

Since the beginning of  time.

The Kings and Queens, they stole this clean atmosphere, 

And drove the temperature up !

All are guilty, and yet no one is. The first defendant – a black King – said :

We agree that the matter requires our best attention, but we only stole a small share of the clean atmosphere. And it seems like all  these changes will affect us, more than the others. How unfair is that ?

Another defendant said :

That is true, we have been stealing for many years, and not just a little. But the Court should consider that the past remain the past – there is no need to designate culprits, it is the future that we should focus our efforts on.

Some claimed “We will stop stealing only if you start doing it first ! » Others responded “We will stop stealing only if you too commit not to steal anymore.” It seemed like an endless discussion, going around in circles…

The White Rabbit concluded :

Thank you all for your precious views, I am glad we all came to an agreement.

But…, Alice thought, they did not agree on anything !

The White Rabbit continued :

We all agree on the fact that we disagree. The matter will be further discussed at our next session in October.

Alice was devastated. The Kings and Queens would never come to any conclusions. What could she do to bring cleanliness back into the atmosphere ? And to influence her King and Queen ? Were there any solutions to this problem ?

She closed her eyes and screamed a little, half of fright and half of anger.

« Wake up, said her neighbor in the train, you are back home».

Oh, I’ve had such a curious dream ! And yet it seemed oh so real  !, said Alice.

The pool of tears soon became an ocean of courage. “I should speak up and tell my friends the story of Adpland.”


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