Photo Contest

CliMates is very pleased to announce the winners of the last round of our international photography competition

11117769_476764192498700_843989246_nIt was a tough choice between some great submissions, but after deliberating with our two jury members David Bart and Anna Katharina Scheidegger we would like to award the following prizes for the last theme of our international photo competition « Our amazing biodiversity »:


Rémy Dubas

Remy Dubas Paromola Cuvieri Le Brusc 2014

« The Paromola Cuvieri is an unkown species. This crab rarely seen alive, lives at depths (over 80m depth). Photographed near the surface in a port, it was probably rejected by a fisherman. This species is characterized by its two little paws that he holds over his head to carry sponges or others under which it hides from predators ».


Claire Fruit


« This picture results from a black and white 24×36 scanned negative. I made this photography in 2013, during a trek in Reunion Island, out of usual trails. A cyclone warning was just announced, there was no village around, we were like laid bare in front an almost untouched nature ». 


Erin Dooley

Erin Dooley

« I am Erin and I am a Welsh based artist who has recently been working on the interactive environmnetal art project TAPE in conjunction with the RSPB wildlife bird charity, NUMEN, and Migrations. I was one of the volunteers that built the structure out of sitcky tape to bring the public into Cardiff Bute Park and engage them with nature. The tape will be recycled into planters.
TAPE is set up like a giant coccoon or spider web combining man-made natural forms and the surrounding nature.
This image is of one of the feaures of the giant web where there was a bit of greenery showing through ».


Maelys Martinet

Maelys Martinet

« Picture taken on May 2015 at the Yosemite National Park in California (US). Just a bless to our biodiversity ».


Flora Stekelorom

Photo 5 - Flora Stekelorom

« Protected sanctuary at 3,500m of altitude.
This photo was taken in Perou in the Colca Canyon, the deepest canyon in the world. It captures a lake high up in the mountains.
This photo is proof of nature’s beauty. From cactuses in the first plan, to a lake in the snowy mountains in the background, only biodiversity can create such wonders of nature ».

A big thank you to everyone who participated in our International Photography Competition, which is part of this year ArtCop21.

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