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Star COP21 Episode 3: the revenge of the negotiators

This article is part of the Climate Nerd Chronicles.

Bannière CN

A fierce battle is happening in the Gallactic Senate. Delegates from all around the galaxy argue on different blocking points as the future of all their citizens is endangered by the colossal amount of green house gases released in the universe by the Power Plants and the imbalance it creates in the Force.

    Queen Amidala has rallied a lot of supporters to her cause over a lot of topics. Due to the unavoidable effects of climate change, some catastrophes are bound to happen. The desolated Tatooine planet, well known for its harsh living condition -which caused a lot of youngsters to turn into terrible bandits- might see its temperature rise so much that no human life could develop there anymore. And the sea level rise in the Maldives satellite is predicted to recover all emerged land by the end of the century. The senators of the most endangered systems have been advocating for years to get some sort of acknowledgement and compensation for their terrible losses through the concept of “Loss and Damage”. The rich Republicans from Global North are on the verge of accepting the inclusion of this mechanism in the final text and the Separatists of Global South are on their way to a small victory.


Saudi Arabia entering the negotiation room

The Separatists, helped by some of the senators of the European Federation are also trying to advocate for a way more ambitious effort in mitigating the emissions of green house gases. Unfortunately, some senators from the U.S.A SuperNova System, the Norway Constellation and the Saudi Kamino Fuel Suppliers have been pushing back against setting a lesser threshold of Force imbalance, the 1.5°C threshold, to replace the current 2°C one. The JED’IPCC have also be called upon to get more information on the impacts of climate change should we limit the Force imbalance to 1.5°C.

    If some points have seen undeniable progresses, others are still slacking. The talks about the implementation of a galactic carbon market and about the provision of a Fund for the Force by the developed planets to work on capacity building and technology transfer for less priviledged member of the Senate are holding everything else up.


Queen Amidala, worried for the future of her children

A new text has been validated as the first step towards a possibly meaningful Agreement between both the Republicans from Global North and the Separatists from the Global South, which could end the feud which started 21 years ago and bring back balance between both groups.

It is only so far that the Negotiators will lead the progress on the agreement as the ADP (Ad Hoc Working Group on the Dagoba Platform for a Balanced Force) closes forever today -and we truly hope that next time they will choose a more comprehensible accronym. So now, we place our hopes in the hand of the Ministers who will have the burden next week of getting into the political choices. Whether it is on Galactic Finance, on Loss and Damage, or on the building of a review mechanism for the whole process, the time for this game to end has not come yet.


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