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The COP21 Northern Lights – Part 1

This article is part of the Climate Nerd Chronicles.

Bannière CN

Inspired from the Trilogy His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman


Lyra and her daemon were moving alertly around the empty Plenary Hall, careful like wolves steping on ice, facing an unknown still territory. The immense Hall was dimly lightened by few spots: on all the walls and the dim screens hung to the far-away roof, Lyra could see immobile leef-shaped green flames. A mouse on her shoulder, Pantalaimon turned into a owl and opened his wings away from her shoulder; Lyra kept walking close to the endless rows of white tables. She was looking intently at this Congress of Chairs: all had the name of a country. Around the sound of her breath, her steps on the parquet, and the flap of Pantalaimon’s wings, she could hear the ever-present conversation of long-neck microphones. This silence had the weight of decades of past discussions.

The Golden Compass

As Lyra sat in the Co-Chair armchair with a satisfied smile, dominating the agora of chairs turned toward her, Pantalaimon landed anxious in front of her. « Let’s go now ! We should not be there, the Leaders Event should start soon, where only Parties can attend. » « Stop fussing Pan! I checked the screen, we still have a few minutes. What d’you think they will announce all together? I am curious… » Just as she was finishing her sentence, the spots all lightened at once. « Quick, under a table ! » whispered Pantalaimon, turning intantly into an ermine: in a second Lisa crounched under the long desk. Unable to see anything, she heard the security guard open the door, allowing dozens of Head of States and Delegates to flow between the room’s table furrows.

– « Pan… Have a look… To see if we can crawl outside of here. »

Despite his nervousness, Pantalaimon laid his little furred head outside the closed desk.


Just as his muzzle was unhidden, he recognized the Saudi Emirate, seemingly not disturbed by a long sucker tentacles around his neck, petting his squidgy large octopus daemon. Just behind him, the gorilla daemon of the Malaysian Head of Delegation, rolling his eyes above him, grimmed at the sight of a large golden eagle flying with swiftness and quiet mastery over the whole the Assembly. Pantalaimon turned intantly into an ant not to be noticed by this daemon’s acute eyes: he gasped, knowing who had just arrived.

« So, what do you see Pan? »

« I see that you should get prepared for troubles ! »

Hearing the crowd enthousiasm, Lyra turned her nose up at him and dared to have a look outside the desk: she recognized the European Union representative holding preciously an aquarium, containing a light yellow dansing seahorse daemon. Just behind him, the Chinese President came in, followed with his peacock daemon making the hundred-eyed wheel. The list was endless: one by one, all heads of State entered the Plenary. Suddenly, Lyra blemished : she saw the crowing rooster of the French President running toward the desk where they were hidden.

« Pan, come ! »

She shrunk under the desk and curled up in a corner as she saw the blue trousers of the French President walk toward her, and an instant later swing so close to her, followed by other legs from one side of the desk to the other: feeling Pantalaimon’s heart beat hard as a little mouse into her closed palms, she held her breath, absolutely still.

She knew that COP21 had just begun.

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