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Star COP21 Episode 4: A new COP

This article is part of the Climate Nerd Chronicles.

Bannière CN

After one week of intense UN climate negotiations, Luke Skywalker finally reaches the much sought-after “blue zone”. By the end of the two weeks, twenty thousand people from all over the galaxy will have entered there. Who are these accredited people of the blue zone? What are they doing here? Here’s an inside look.


All galactic species inside the blue zone coexisting peacefully… most of the time.

First, not everybody enters the very select zone. Droids, and in particular those of civil society that don’t possess the precious badge, will have to stay outside. They must be content with the “green zone”, also called “climate generation space” that is, in contrast, open to anyone.

Cantina Droids not allowed

Sorry C-3PO, you’ll have to fill the UN in the authorization form. It takes only one year and a half to get it, I’ll see you in COP23!

Due to troubled times in the galaxy, access is strictly controlled, and it is strongly discouraged to try to bargain with the Wookiees in charge of security!

Wookies 2

« WWWRRRRRRGWWWRRRR » – A not very talkative security presence

Chagrians of the galactic Senate

ChagrienThe galactic Senate is ruled by a Secretariat, in which Chagrians have a strong presence in virtue of their excellent diplomatic skills. Their role is crucial to manage to get 195 galactic States to negotiate with each other in spite of their very different mindsets and stakes. They are the keystone of these negotiations.

Here are some of the people who came to discuss the galactic agreement and that you may meet at COP21:

The CereansCerean

Cereans are pacific people, both technologically advanced and very concerned about the environment. This is why they always try to limit the impact of the industry at a minimum. They come to the negotiations with the hope of getting an ambitious agreement about the emissions that create a great disturbance in the force.


But not all parties share the same concerns…


HuttHutts own a powerful galactic trade empire. They control nearly entirely the star trade in the outer rim territories. It is of great interest for them to allow trade to grow and prosper, and they do not intend to let negotiations interfere in their trading business…


Advozsec are pessimistic… with good reason. TheirAdvozse people, the most hardly affected by the disturbance in the force, are in great danger. Some of their planets are already swept by dreadful ion storms. These negotiations are a matter of survival to them. They come to demand help and subsidies for the damage from the galactic Senate. And they are not the only ones…


Mon Calamari and Qarrens

Mon Calamari and Qarrens and island and aquatic people, fated to disappear if nothing is done. For them too, everything is at stake in COP21.



Can Defels make everything fail? Living in the most arid parts of the galaxy, they are entirely dependent on mining resources for their planets’ prosperity. They take a very dim view of the galactic Senate trying to interfere with their activities, and they will do everything to maintain the status quo.


Ithorians never go unnoticed inside the negotiations. Last representatives Ithorians2of indigenous people, they often wear their traditional cloth at the galactic Senate. Living in harmony with Mother Jungle since thousands of years, they manage to reconcile their lifestyle with ecology. They are not responsible for the disturbance in the force, but they could suffer its effects with full force. They will fight boldly for the right of their people.

Last, here are the last people that you might bump into inside blue zone:


True scavengers of information, Jawas roam all over the place, in search of any scraps of information that negotiator sometimes drop. Then they pile all this up in the hope of making something understandable out of this for their employers.



Gungans from the civil society are authorized by the galactic Senate to attend the negotiations as observers. As representatives of galactic citizens: young people, women, workers, farmers… they will use their best efforts to get a better consideration of their rights. Not for their personal interest, but for a better galaxy, and a better future.


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