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Star COP21 Episode 5: Self interest Strikes Back

This article is part of the Climate Nerd Chronicles.

Bannière CN

After the text was released yesterday, late in the evening, a wind of hope blew across the entire galaxy. The last draft of the Paris agreement was quite ambitious and the Uncertainty Bearers brackets were scarce. The COP21 outcome seems now very close and looks better than most observers would have dreamed of even before its beginning. However, the text still has to be accepted by the Parties, and therein lies the rub.

The Fossil Fuel Empire, mainly through the infamous Saudi Kamino Fuels Suppliers, has led another successful offensive in delaying decisive action against them. The members of the Galactic Senate cannot agree neither on finance, nor on ambition, nor on differentiation. There  will be no agreement today, as was agreed. We will have to wait for tomorrow at best to discover the final agreement, and who knows how the text will look by that time?




When you hope the negotiators will save the planet with a global agreement.


Nobody can say today how the final text will look like, even the JED’IPCC and the most weathered observers, as the negotiations continue in a considerable degree of secrecy. All the talks will be closed to non-Parties until the agreement is published, hopefully tomorrow – although it would not be unexpected for the negotiations to run through the end of the weekend.

Meanwhile, the young observer Luke Skywalker discovered a horrifying truth while advocating against a Fossil Fuel lobbyist, Darth Carbon, who addressed him in those words: “If I’m not mistaken, you came here by plane. And look at your things. Is this a smartphone? What’s your lifestyle? You came here to confront me but you are a child of Fossil Fuels. Accept who you are and join us !” Affected to the deep core of his beliefs, realizing the part of truth in the Darth Lobbyist speech, Luke felt as if he had lost an essential part of himself, as if he had lost his right hand…


When they tell you how much your IPhone and all your apps are consuming energy.

He stood strong anyway and refused the offer of the Sith: “I might look like you because I was born in a world modeled by you. But still, I am different, because I am ready to change and to find a way for the future generations not to be scarred by fossil fuels. With my friends, we will find a new way of life and I will never join you.”

To help him do so, he is ready to leave the familiar home of the Blue Zone to seek help from local activists of the Dagobah system who are trying to change things with a bottom-up perspective. He decided to visit the different strongholds of civil society there and learnt from Master Yoda to wield the Force of conviction against Darth Carbon. When the final text will be released, Luke and his friends will be ready to act, however strong the COP21 outcome is. One thing is sure, the war will not end with the closure of the Paris meeting. The Rebel alliance will have to stand strong for the supporters of Darth Carbon are numerous and they might soon reveal their superweapon to rely on Fossil Fuels forever….



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