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The five feelings/steps you go through when you attend an Innov’City conference

This article is part of our anniversary special for CliMates’ 5th birthday!

This article is written by Anais Duhamel & Salomé Hurel

logo-sans-fond-1A year ago a new team was born in CliMates, a team that wants to promote innovation at a local scale and show that each one of us can participate in making our world a better place.
Each Innov’City is unique, targeting one specific community, but the process that makes you want to adopt a more sustainable way of life is the same for all of us. Participating in an Innov’City means getting to know new local projects and initiatives as well as sharing perspectives and ideas with the other participants. Here is a list of 5 different feelings that an Innov’City conference inspires in its audience.

1) Curiosity

You do not need to be an expert on environmental issues to attend an Innov’City. Actually, it’s better if you are not, this way you won’t focus on what you know but on what you will discover. The audience of an Innov’City conference is very diverse but everyone has the same desire to learn more about solutions to climate change.

2) Inspiration

Innov’City has a positive approach. Instead of explaining why climate change is happening or how destructive it can be, you will learn that solutions do exist out there and what you can do to implement them in order to scale them up.

3) Empowerment

Learning about concrete and local solutions will convince you that climate change is not only an issue for states or big companies but you also have your role to play. You will realize that you have the power to make a positive impact and fight climate change.


4) Sharing is caring

You are not alone in an Innov’City conference. You learn not only from the speakers but also from the rest of the audience with whom you will share some thoughts about climate change solutions and some fun moments. You are not alone in this fight and you feel it during the conference and after. As part of the Innov’City community, we will help you launch further action to put what you learnt into practice.

5) Engagement

The whole point of Innov’City is not to stop with a conference but to engage you into climate change mobilization. You can easily support the initiatives by adopting the solutions they offer, even build your own project or join CliMates to participate in a bigger movement.

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