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Dumbledore’s Army of COPs : YOUNGO


This article is part of the Climate Nerd Chronicles.

When the magical world is at risk and the politics ignore it, young people get their wands out and get it done. Here in COP-warts, they joined their powers to fight against the rise of the Dark Carbon. All Houses gathered and they are ready to fight for a safe and sustainable magical world.

They are here together to learn and practice Defense Against the Dark Carbon. This is more important than ever. Right during COP, they learnt the coming into power of You-Know-Who, that is the rise of Trumpetus. They didn’t want a world under the trumpetus spell, messing with the Forbidden Forest and its Indigenous People! They didn’t want the Dark Carbon to take over and deprive them of a safe future! They are YOUNGO’s Army. Because if great wizards can make a much better future, why not them?

YOUNGO’s Army meets daily for an hour, in their Room of Requirements. To enter, you have to experience the Icebreakerus, a special spell that makes you feel awkward but more willing to work with others. Sometimes you even make friends.

Then, the Army breaks into groups depending on the spell they are working on. In the Mitigation Group, they learn how to fight the Adepts of the Dark Carbon: they increase their magical abilities, including with the Solar and Wind Magic. A group of students works on how to face the impacts of the Dark Carbon worshippers, like rising sea levels and the increasingly massive attacks of Giants (Muggles call them “natural disasters”). Another group learns how to reveal illegal invisibility cloaks that hide Carbon Marks – they learn the “Transparency” spell. Also, they practice Action for Climate Empowerment: they convince their peers in the schools that Dark Carbon is real and call them to fight the Dark Carbon.

da-2Another job for YOUNGO’s Army is to track Dark Carbon Adepts in the negotiations. They discretely go into the rooms of the vast COP-warts, use their Extendable Ears and listen to what these big wizards and witches are planning for the future of the whole planet. But sometimes, your extendable ears cannot go far enough, or and the door is closed, protected by a spell. Even when your own future is at stake – even when young witches and wizards’ future is discussed, like talking about capacity-building and how young wizards can fight Dark Carbon Forces. How can you close the door to our future?

When we get frustrated by the lack of achievement of the process, we lead vast actions in the COP, to make our voices heard. We take our brooms, fireworks and go for big impact. What do you want? Magic Justice! When do you want it? Now!


  • At the end of the day, what did the YOUNGO’s Army achieve in Marrakesh? They mastered the spells for Mitigation, Adaptation, Loss and Damage, ACE, Transparency, Agriculture, Human Rights, and Gender. They all agreed on how they wanted things to be implemented to save our Magical World and made recommendations with very precise points
  • They pushed for more ambition to fight against Dark Carbon at all levels and they met with high-level wizards and witches. Many now want to include ACE in their national plans to fight against Dark Carbon!
  • We reinforced the International Youth Magical Movement, with capacity-building between students from different movements across the world.

Because Climate Magic is worth fighting for.


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