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Bula Vinaka, My Dear Talanoa Dialogue

This article is written by Pramisha Thapaliya.

Paris Agreement, two buzz words, has set an unambiguous goal to hold global temperature increase to “well below 2⁰C “ and for parties to pursue efforts to limit this to 1.5⁰C above preindustrial levels. And it is so unfortunate that there is not much progress to figure out the urgency in COP 23. But there is a hope .i.e. Talanoa Dialogue!!! The first key political moment after Paris!!!

As a mandate, The COP by its decision 1/CP.21, paragraph 20, decided to “convene a facilitative dialogue among Parties in 2018 to take stock of the collective efforts of Parties in relation to progress towards the long-term goal referred to in Article 4, paragraph 1, of the Agreement and to inform the preparation of nationally determined contributions pursuant to Article 4, paragraph 8, of the Agreement” .

The same ,”Facilitative Dialogue” is now called as “Talanoa Dialogue”. Talanoa is a traditional approach used in Fiji and the Pacific to engage in an inclusive, participatory and transparent dialogue which purpose is to share stories, build empathy and trust. The preparatory phase of Talanoa Dialogue started at COP 23 and is supposed to end at the beginning of COP 24.  A “political phase” at COP24 in December 2017, has intended  to attract the attention of ministers, involving roundtable discussions, and potentially resulting in a forward-looking political declaration.

Yes, 2018 is the year for Talanoa Dialogue! Sharing stories with inclusivity, transparency and participation! This year, in COP 23 , parties made good progress to answer the question of how to deal with pre-2020 by adding a pre-2020 stocktake to COP24 and COP25 which is declared to be held in Poland and Brazil respectively. It is a real interpretation of meaning of Talanoa that both Fijan and Polish presidencies preside over the Talanoa process from start to finish. The Talanoa dialogue is structured around three general topics: Where are we? Where do we want to go? and How do we get there? These topics are essential to figure out long term strategies. Countries are talking about long term strategies in the negotiations these weeks , which were mentioned within both the common timeframes and the APA global stocktake agenda.

Moreover, there is a high need of balance between proposed pre-2020 stocktake and the political phase of the Talanoa dialogue at COP 24. Talanoa Dialogue should provide appropriate forward looking information and political momentum towards preparing the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) that Parties will communicate by 2020.Those NDCs must be more ambitious and bold than what is currently in the present. The outcome of the Talanoa Dialogue at COP 24 must send a strong message that countries must update and improve their NDCs with commitments that eliminate the emissions gap and to help all of us for keeping warming below 1.5⁰C . Long term strategies, that parties are talking, should be meaningful, transparent and developed inclusively. And those long term strategies could be structured by developing relevant short-term and medium-term strategies to reach our goal.

Talanoa! Talanoa! Talanoa Dialogue! We hope that this Talanoa Dialogue would answer and give proper directions to all these three unanswered questions, “Where are we? Where do we want to go? and How do we get there?” And We hope that the Talanoa spirit of inclusiveness, transparency and participation would continue from Bonn to Katowice, with our common mandate and goal to fight against climate change! Let’s Talanoa!!

More information on the Talanoa Dialogue :

About the author: Pramisha Thapaliya is currently an undergraduate student of Agriculture Science , studying in Agriculture and Forestry University, Nepal. She also works as Advocacy Coordinator in CliMates Nepal. She’s currently working on International Project ClimAg which aims at helping smallholder farmers come out of vicious impacts of Climate Change. She is passionate for International Agriculture Development and Climate Smart World. 

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