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The New Disney’s Commitment: Ocean Protection In The Movie “Dolphins”

 This article is part of the 4sea project.

Let’s dive into the heart of the ocean to discover a mysterious world full of colors and marine species. After Disney’s African Cat, Chimpanzee it is now Dolphins which sends a message about wildlife protection. Recently released in the end of march this year, the movie was directed by Keith Scholey and Alastair Fothergill. It took them 400 days across 10 countries to make the movie – and it is absolutely worth it!

The audience will follow the evolution of the little dolphin named Blue. During its journey Blue learns how to fish, to protect himself and also meet habitants of marine waters. Wales, sharks, sea-turtles and fish are among species that take us to the depths of the ocean and open our mind on the beauty of nature.

All these marine living-beings are complementary and create an ecosystem which is threatened by over-fishing or coral reef ‘s destruction. Through the movie the producers send an important message about preservation of the marine environment to the audience. So, don’t miss the new Disney nature movie about ocean wildlife, Blue is waiting for you!!

Check out the trailer: 


About the author: Juliette Henry is living in France and will begin anthropology studies in La Sorbonne in Paris this year. She is part of CliMates and 4sea as a volunteer writing articles. She loves the environment and wants to be a future spokesman of nature.

It´s World Ocean´s Day this Friday and this article has been written in the context of 4sea. 4sea, a project about the importance of the world oceans, addresses the interdependence between the oceans and climate change, entraining everyone to become ocean lovers. 4sea is a joint project between the youth organisations CliMates, Youth for Ocean and Vitamin Sea. Love it? Stay tuned for more !

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