About CliMates


CliMates is an international think-and-do tank on climate change gathering volunteers, both students and young professionals. Its goal is to take on the climate challenge by :

  1. Developing and promoting innovative ideas and tools
  2. Influencing decision-makers
  3. Training youth to become change-makers




We are youth who want to get together to do research, share knowledge, express opinions, raise awareness, launch mobilisations and advocate for a transition to low carbon societies.

We all share an uncertain climate future. CliMates is fully aware of this reality. For this reason, it gathers youth from all around the world who aim at facing climates challenges. Our global network represents various countries, identities, backgrounds and cultures.

We are convinced that our global approach is our strength. CliMates’ projects are fueled by our Mates’ different local perspectives.

We want to stand up, be heard, and create something different through the alliance of thought and action !



CliMates’ project was born in France and has spread all around the world. It is a non-for-profit voluntary organization registered in France, but today, our members live in more than 30 countries. You can join us or collaborate with us everywhere, from Colombia to Nepal, from Mali to Canada etc.

CliMates Mali, our first antenna, was launched in 2016. It demonstrates CliMates’ willingness to strenghten the structure of its international network in order to share our energies, visions and tools.



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– Gather this generation around the issues of climate change
– Find solutions together
– Raise the voice of students worldwide
– Have an impact on decision and policy making



  • Knowledge

CliMates gathers students and young professionals willing to develop their knowledge on the subject matter. It trains them to address and anticipate emerging climate change issues

  • Innovation

CliMates seeks new ways of research and negotiation, inciting ingenuity in trying to solve global issues.

  • Collaboration

CliMates highlights the benefits of sharing experiences and ideas, and materializes this in a collaborative research system.

  • Credibility

CliMates relies on a highly qualified student network supported by renowned researchers, enhancing the depth and integrity of its publications of CliMates’ student solutions.

  • Solidarity

CliMates uses mutual assistance on a daily basis and reckons that an altruistic mindset is the first step to solving climate change


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