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The role of forest remote sensing in climate change policy monitoring- First brief on forests and COP 21

This article is written by Daniela Gutierrez. 

Technology development and transfer has been recognised as an important element for the implementation of mitigation and adaptation actions through an article -article 7- of the current draft of the Paris agreement. Here we try to see how this article can be translated in concrete measures, through the example of forests. Being an observer at COP 21 allowed me to identify how for instance, forest remote sensing technology is related to the negotiations. Forests management is included in the UNFCCC work through the REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) mechanism.  REDD+ is “a mechanism aimed at reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation and the role of conservation, sustainable management of forests and enhancement of forest carbon stocks in developing countries”, as defined in the article 1 of the draft of the agreement.


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Loss and Damage vs. Detection and Attribution

This article is written by Gabriele Messori and Aglaé Jézéquel.

Traditionally, actions tackling climate change pertain to two main areas: mitigation and adaptation. The first area aims to limit the extent of the change, for example by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The second aims to reduce our vulnerability to the climate change that will inevitably happen. It has further been recognized that it will not be possible to mitigate or adapt to all aspects of climate change, and that there will be climatic events which will cause significant social and economic damage, for example the loss of lands due to sea level rise or the social and economic consequences of more frequent heat waves.


The aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan

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France hosts the world for two weeks

This article is written by Yann Lesestre.

If you heard Laurent Fabius -French Foreign Minister and an experienced French political leader- presenting its role as a COP president, you probably have been told this story: when the hosting of the COP21 in France was decided at COP19, his foreign colleagues didn’t tell him “congratulations”. They wish him “good luck”.


Being a COP president is not about exercising an influence on the content of discussions. It’s about facilitating discussions among the 195 other parties. What a difficult job to set up a proper framework for a universal agreement on climate change and push states and non-state actors to commit for climate change action!

It is too soon to assess the efficiency of the French Presidency strategy to reach an ambitious agreement. But the COP21 president proved in the lead up to the cop his willingness to make the conference of Paris more than just a success, but  a turning point for the mobilization of a wide variety of actors on climate change.

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Opportunities for resilient growth and climate change adaptation of water resources during COP21

This article is written by Daniela Gutierrez.

It is not a secret that water is an essential element for development. Nevertheless, the world faces several issues regarding the integrated management of this resource. For example “800 million people do not have access to drinking water” said Ségolène Royal French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy. During the first three days of COP21, two important announcements were made by several representatives of the government and multilateral organisations regarding resilience and climate change adaptation, which inherently are related to water challenges. These were the “Secretary- General’s Climate Resilience” and the “Paris Pact on Water and Climate Change adaptation”.


Ban Ki Moon speaking at the UN’s Secretary General’s High- Level meeting on resilience.

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Star COP21 Episode 2: The Attack of the Power Plan(e)ts

This article is part of the Climate Nerd Chronicles.

Bannière CN

The Force is troubled

For more than twenty-one years, Queen Amidala has declared her small Island of Naboo to be in danger, but very few in the Senate have been paying attention to her warning. Still, eight years ago, some group of Developed Planets, decided after a special meeting on the Kyoto Moon to show to the Queen that they were fighting on her side. Sadly, this was not enough to prevent the Dark Side of the Force from expanding its power.


Queen Amidala, hearing some people claiming that changes in the Force are not anthropogenic

This time, the United Galaxies Republic is trying to propose a stronger reaction and meet again to find an agreement. Indeed, the situation can no longer be ignored. The Force is troubled, as many planets have suffered great disasters in the past decades. If Senators do not act now, there is nothing we can do to prevent the Dark Side to take control over the Force.

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Political will, What Else?

This article is written by Sabrina Marquant.

Political will_picture

Four years after the Durban climate change conference, here we are! The COP21 has just started this Monday. This last and final round of the UN Climate talks should bring new momentum to the international climate regime by defining a new mechanism of collective actions that are more modern, more inclusive and able to provide appropriate responses to the climate challenge. This four year process has strongly contributed to change the political awareness on climate change.

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Star COP21 Episode 1 : The Phantom agreement

This article is part of the Climate Nerd Chronicles.

Bannière CN

      For 21 years, the United Nations Parties have gathered to manage the climate crisis. The trading coalitions and big firms have successfully delayed action to decrease green house gases emissions and stop climate change.

      The Parties have not yet managed to find a common agreement and as the climate situation, the delegates meet once again in Paris.


A battle of good vs evil will take place in the COP21 plenary room for the next two weeks

      As the milestone session, called COP21, opens, delegates have been joined by their Heads of State to tackle the climate crisis. 47,500 people came from all around the world for this special occasion. Everyone who matters is present at this session : the Parties of course, but also the infamous Trade Federation, and even civil society. And so the show begins today, and each player takes their rightful places in the game, stating their positions for two weeks to come. Speeches succeeds to speeches.

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Leaders open COP 21 with an emphasis on solidarity and intergenerational equity to drive the climate journey

This article is written by Elizabeth Buchan.

The Twenty-first Conference of the Parties (COP21) opened today at Le Bourget in Paris, France. An international spotlight is shining on the talks, especially today as the event opened with speeches from world leaders.

There were some key themes cutting across many of the messages from world leaders:

Solidarity with the French

All of the leaders expressed their condolences to the French government and citizens following the terrorist attacks in the last few weeks. Barack Obama reinforced the need for the Paris agreement to be a success because ‘what better way to reject terror than to work together to save the planet they intend to tear apart’? These collective sentiments emphasised the need for the Paris Agreement to be a success that is more than ink on the paper, but an agreement that is meaningful and applicable to all countries.


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The Hobbit : The desolation of El Niño (2/3)

This article is part of the Climate Nerd Chronicles.

Bannière CN

Once upon a time, on a blue planet, lived two twin dragons, El Niño and his sister La Niña. One could never be woken up while the other was. They regulated the climate of the great ocean, the first making the lands of the East wetter and the lands of the West dryer, the second doing the opposite. Their moods were so terrible that they threatened a large part of the planet disturbing its climate balances, spreading fires and floods throughout entire kingdoms. They spent years sleeping in their lair, only to awake again, never letting the people entirely forget them.


Awaking El Niño

And so it had been for years after years through the ages of (Middle) Earth. The small folk and the royals had learnt to live with the beasts moods, so much that they did not particularly pay attention as a group of brave Dwarf explorers dug into the depths of the planet to find a precious treasure. They called it black gold. It contained raw power, and magically helped the humans to rise above their conditions. It made them rich and the richer they got, the greedier they became.

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