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Migration and climate change: the unequal distribution of impacts

This article is written by Kayla Soren.

The consequences of climate change are not felt equally across the world. The brunt of its impacts fall on the poor and vulnerable: indigenous peoples, mothers in rural areas, laborers working outside, and slum dwellers. With increasing extreme weather tendencies such as floods and desertification, sea level rising, and other environmental hazards, people are being forced to migrate. This is leading to exponential increases in the amount of climate migrants, people forced to move due to climate change. In a 2010 Gallup World Poll, 12 percent of respondents said environmental problems would require them to move within the next five years.


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The Hobbit : The desolation of El Niño (2/3)

This article is part of the Climate Nerd Chronicles.

Bannière CN

Once upon a time, on a blue planet, lived two twin dragons, El Niño and his sister La Niña. One could never be woken up while the other was. They regulated the climate of the great ocean, the first making the lands of the East wetter and the lands of the West dryer, the second doing the opposite. Their moods were so terrible that they threatened a large part of the planet disturbing its climate balances, spreading fires and floods throughout entire kingdoms. They spent years sleeping in their lair, only to awake again, never letting the people entirely forget them.


Awaking El Niño

And so it had been for years after years through the ages of (Middle) Earth. The small folk and the royals had learnt to live with the beasts moods, so much that they did not particularly pay attention as a group of brave Dwarf explorers dug into the depths of the planet to find a precious treasure. They called it black gold. It contained raw power, and magically helped the humans to rise above their conditions. It made them rich and the richer they got, the greedier they became.

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Climate Change: A health catastrophe in Making

This article is written by Neeshad Vs.

The effects of climate change are being felt today and future projections present an unacceptably high and potentially catastrophic risk to human health. The overall health effects of a changing climate are overwhelmingly seen across the globe. Climate change affects social and environmental determinants of health: clean air, safe drinking water, sufficient food and secure shelter. Global climate change is thus a significant addition to the spectrum of environmental health hazards faced by humankind. Similarly, the authors of the IPCC assessment of climate change on health emphasis that the health impacts become amplified over time.

In a landmark document recently released, Pope Francis aimed to focus the world’s attention on the matter of how climate change impacts the poor. “Climate change is a global problem with grave implications to environmental, social, economic, and political aspect”, he said.

Contributing to More Extreme-Heat Events

According to NOAA and NASA, this year is on track to supplant last year as the warmest year on record.

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