Desertification, Gender, Water

Women and Water access in Desert Areas

This article is written by Costanza Burstin.

In desert areas, droughts and environmental degradations often drastically affect water access. This issue, especially in rural villages, has direct repercussions on women lives. Why so?

Today, nearly two third of the world’s population lives in water scarce territories. Because of global warming, the increase of temperatures and the expansion of dry areas, more and more people have to experience issues related to the lack of safe and reliable water supply. Many rural areas around the world do not have access to running water within their houses still. In such contexts, the roles related to water collection and management often change according to gender identity. In natural resources-dependent areas women are indeed often responsible for water administration in the household[1].

Catalano Gonzaga (2012) in “Child Survival in a Changing Climate”

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Civil Society, Desertification

Desertif’Actions 2017

This article is written by Charlotte Blondel.

The international summit of non-state actors on desertification, Désertif’Actions 2017, took place in Strasbourg, France, from 26th to 28th June, 2017. It was co-organized by Climate Chance, CARI and the UN Convention on Desertification (UNCCD), and supported by the city of Strasbourg.


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