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COP24: a toolkit for a better, faster, stronger climate finance?

This article is written by Noémie Robin.

Since the Paris Agreement, it has been agreed that whether they are developed or developing, all countries have to fight against climate change and have to put efforts into the transition toward a low-carbon and resilient economy. Indeed all States need to be involved, because if change occurs only in developed countries, the result would not be enough to reach the target of 1.5°C presented by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in their last report in October. But as the article 9 of the Paris Agreement stated, it has been recognized that it would be difficult for developing countries to support the cost of their transition while they do not have the same financial resources or capacities as developed countries. Thus, developed countries have the duty to financially assist developing countries with respect to mitigation and adaptation and they shall lead the climate finance mobilization from a variety of sources, like public funds. In order to insure this transition, $100 billion per year by 2020 have been pledge from industrialized countries to help the poorer countries to achieve their transition toward a green economy.

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Climate funds lost in translation

This article is written by Côme Girschig.

come 3

Climate is a tricky issue on many aspects because philosophers, biologists, journalists, chemists, CEOs, physicians, lawyers, doctors, or writers, all have a different definitions of the matter. Even finance experts joined the game, and their work didn’t make the whole thing simpler.

The first conference I went to, in Bonn, was a workshop on long-term climate finance. Let’s be clear: my economic and finance background has been useless and I rapidly got lost among the acronyms. Proud to master each letter of “UNFCCC”, I got punched in the face by NAPAs, GCF, NAPs, CIFs, MDBs, LDCF, LULUCF, REDD+…

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Climate Green Fund: What is achieved so far?

This article is part of our Negographics series.

Helia Cheikhrouhou announced on February 19th, 2016, her intention to step down as Climate Green Fund (CGF) Executive Director, as her 3-year term comes to an end. Here’s a review of the achievement of this institution through a wonderful new Negographics!


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GCF negographics

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Green Fund: Who deserves the climate medals?

This article is written by Clément Bultheel.

CliMates’ breakdown and perspective on the Green Climate Fund countries’ pledges funds

While climate talks in Lima almost took the negotiation process at the edge of chaos, ending on a minimum consensus, the Green Climate Fund (GCF) exceeded the 10 billion USD pledges funds, to stand now at $10.2 USD. Indeed, the $10 billion target set during the September 2014’s Climate Summit in New York had been surpassed in December 2014, during the COP20 in Lima. Yet, 28 countries have already contributed to the international fund.

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The G20 Summit in Brisbane: What were the implications for the Green Climate Fund and where does it go from here?

This article is written by Rachel Skubel.

As the G20 summit in Brisbane, Australia drew to a close mid-november, observers around the world were treated to climate change actions in the form of Green Climate Fund Contributions and a stated willingness to work towards greenhouse gas reductions. Of course, these outcomes were not without opponents, and climate change was not a welcome topic for all heads of state involved. The host country leader was optimistic about the future of coal as a burgeoning energy source, and committed to expanding its use despite considerable environmental costs.

G20 1

The G20 leaders on the final day of the meeting in Brisbane, Australia

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