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Welcome to Green Zone Alley

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You tapped the registration form three times with the help of your computer. Three times, or maybe more if you were not soon enough familiar with the COP22 rules. And you waited. One letter of confirmation after, you got accredited, accredited to the Green Zone¹! Congratulations, the world of COP22 is just few step away from you now.

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Climate Politics, COP22 - Marrakech, The Climate Nerd Chronicles

“Trumpetus”, the rise of the forgotten curse

This article is part of the Climate Nerd Chronicles.

Imagine you were working so hard for something so important. Imagine after years of involvement, international work, scientists research and negotiators involvement, we were slowly reaching the final line. Everything seemed to evolve slowly but everything was, at least, evolving. We did believe in the future because it was the only thing we could do. We were acting, tirelessly, hoping that each small step will be a huge step forward for magical COP-eration. However, we may not have expected one small, tiny and forgotten curse, which may have a huge effect: “Trumpetus”.

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On board the COP-warts Express

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Being a climate activist isn’t easy everyday. It feels like being part of a community that can do magic but needs to stay hidden from the regular world. But besides casting disguising spells around their home to make them look normal instead of ecological, they embark every year the COP-warts Express, back to learning a bit more of magic altogether.

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Star COP21 Episode 6: The return of climate ambition

This article is part of the Climate Nerd Chronicles.

Bannière CN

Well. This is the end. COP21 is over, and our Star Wars Special is coming to its end as well. Those negotiations were a rollercoaster experience for us all, but its issue refilled our hope for the future of the galaxy. Last saturday, a new climate agreement was released that put an end to an endless intergalactic war. Twenty-three years after Rio, the Jedi Order is now reestablished and the global climate agreement saves us all from self destruction.

Luckily, The Climate Nerd team is always willing to learn more and to share its deepest thoughts with you. Let’s go, here are the three most important things we’ve learnt during the COP21.

  1.    Sometimes, you need to go through terrible moments to get a victory.

All this started pretty bad. Negotiators came from all over the world to find a solution to global warming. Many of them had divergent interests: some of them wanted to keep the world just as it was, and some others wanted a total shift. Solving the issue required tenacity and abnegation. Jabba the French may keep you locked inside the Blue Zone for days and nights. Palpetrol may build a new Death Carbon Star – more powerful than ever – to threaten the Rebel Alliance and keep the galaxy under its control. Insidious delegations and lobbies led by Palpetrol may want to seduce you and force you to join their cause.

Negotiating is all about making hard choices when you have limited resources and time. The whole challenge of those two weeks was to make the Climatum Falcon destroy the Death Carbon Star before it was too late. But before achieving this, there were some issues to deal with : can we destroy the shield of OPEC countries who want to keep the oil business active and lucrative ? Shall/should we peak the oil production of the galaxy soon and shift to 100% renewable energy spaceships fleets in order to reduce emissions? Is Han Solo ready to lend his beloved spaceship to his friend Lando to make sure he has the best available technology to achieve his mission ?


Michael Bay’s version of the Paris Agreement

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Charlie and the Agreement Factory

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Bannière CN

Year 2015 – one of the biggest international events ever is happening in Paris: the 21st Conference of Parties (COP21). This conference, organized under the jurisdiction of the UNFCCC (United Nations Factory for Convention on Chocolate Conservation), aims at finding a global agreement to avoid the disappearance of chocolate through climate change. For example, the delegates have to find consensus on the very controversial chocolate mousse recipe. Before the beginning of negotiations the related paragraph looked like that:

Chocolate mousse [shall]/[should] be made with [milk products]/[vegan products] with [white]/[milk]/[dark] chocolate and [shall]/[should]/[may]/[must] be preserved in a [plastic box] [glass box] [can] [reusable box].

All the Countries (or Parties) came as negotiators, while the members of civil society are observers.

CF1.gifWilly Fabius when asked what to expect regarding the outcome of COP21

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Romeo and Juliet at COP21

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Bannière CN

He was American, she was from the Marshall Islands and more than an ocean separated them. More than anything Gods could create. Under the lights of the Conference Of Parties,while the world looks intently toward Paris as the climate slowly changes, they were looking at each other. In the corridors filled with journalists, in the rooms fooled by greying diplomats and government leaders, through the windows of different universes…


First meeting in Copenhagen

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Star COP21 Episode 5: Self interest Strikes Back

This article is part of the Climate Nerd Chronicles.

Bannière CN

After the text was released yesterday, late in the evening, a wind of hope blew across the entire galaxy. The last draft of the Paris agreement was quite ambitious and the Uncertainty Bearers brackets were scarce. The COP21 outcome seems now very close and looks better than most observers would have dreamed of even before its beginning. However, the text still has to be accepted by the Parties, and therein lies the rub.

The Fossil Fuel Empire, mainly through the infamous Saudi Kamino Fuels Suppliers, has led another successful offensive in delaying decisive action against them. The members of the Galactic Senate cannot agree neither on finance, nor on ambition, nor on differentiation. There  will be no agreement today, as was agreed. We will have to wait for tomorrow at best to discover the final agreement, and who knows how the text will look by that time?




When you hope the negotiators will save the planet with a global agreement.


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