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Star COP21 Episode 2: The Attack of the Power Plan(e)ts

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The Force is troubled

For more than twenty-one years, Queen Amidala has declared her small Island of Naboo to be in danger, but very few in the Senate have been paying attention to her warning. Still, eight years ago, some group of Developed Planets, decided after a special meeting on the Kyoto Moon to show to the Queen that they were fighting on her side. Sadly, this was not enough to prevent the Dark Side of the Force from expanding its power.


Queen Amidala, hearing some people claiming that changes in the Force are not anthropogenic

This time, the United Galaxies Republic is trying to propose a stronger reaction and meet again to find an agreement. Indeed, the situation can no longer be ignored. The Force is troubled, as many planets have suffered great disasters in the past decades. If Senators do not act now, there is nothing we can do to prevent the Dark Side to take control over the Force.

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Climate Talks, COP21 - Paris, The Climate Nerd Chronicles

Star COP21 Episode 1 : The Phantom agreement

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      For 21 years, the United Nations Parties have gathered to manage the climate crisis. The trading coalitions and big firms have successfully delayed action to decrease green house gases emissions and stop climate change.

      The Parties have not yet managed to find a common agreement and as the climate situation, the delegates meet once again in Paris.


A battle of good vs evil will take place in the COP21 plenary room for the next two weeks

      As the milestone session, called COP21, opens, delegates have been joined by their Heads of State to tackle the climate crisis. 47,500 people came from all around the world for this special occasion. Everyone who matters is present at this session : the Parties of course, but also the infamous Trade Federation, and even civil society. And so the show begins today, and each player takes their rightful places in the game, stating their positions for two weeks to come. Speeches succeeds to speeches.

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The Hunger games : the climate change arena

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Here we imagine Katniss and Peeta faced with a climate change arena.

« Ladies and gentlemen, let the Seventy-fifth Hunger Games begin ! ». Katniss took a deep breath and looked at the scenery. The tributes were surrounded by water, the salted kind. Behind her, she could see a beach and further away a lush forest, deep green, covering a very high mountain. She started to make a plan in her head : grab Peeta, rush to the forest, stay hidden there and take time to think of a better plan to survive.


Since plans never work as intended, the two friends finally reached the protection of the forest stuck with Beetee, a science weirdo, who kept blabbering about the high concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere. All Katniss and Peeta could think about was the heat, and how the shade of the trees would save them from the terrible sun  rays.

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The Hobbit : The desolation of El Niño (2/3)

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Once upon a time, on a blue planet, lived two twin dragons, El Niño and his sister La Niña. One could never be woken up while the other was. They regulated the climate of the great ocean, the first making the lands of the East wetter and the lands of the West dryer, the second doing the opposite. Their moods were so terrible that they threatened a large part of the planet disturbing its climate balances, spreading fires and floods throughout entire kingdoms. They spent years sleeping in their lair, only to awake again, never letting the people entirely forget them.


Awaking El Niño

And so it had been for years after years through the ages of (Middle) Earth. The small folk and the royals had learnt to live with the beasts moods, so much that they did not particularly pay attention as a group of brave Dwarf explorers dug into the depths of the planet to find a precious treasure. They called it black gold. It contained raw power, and magically helped the humans to rise above their conditions. It made them rich and the richer they got, the greedier they became.

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Back to the future we want

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Today Marty McFly just arrived in the DeLorean and discovered a whole new future. We all have expectations about the future. Either shark holograms coming at us in front of a movie theatre, hoverboards or 100% clean energy in the long-term, we aspire for things to be greater. Young people inside climate negotiation are no strangers to these aspirations. Come aboard our DeLorean and discover the future we want.

BTTF title

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Are the ADP co-chairs rather Hufflepuffs or Slytherins?

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ADP co-chair, what a job to do! The co-chairs are the two persons in charge of creating the best negotiation environment  to achieve an ambitious agreement in Paris at the end of 2015. Here we bring a little bit of our favorite psychology test:

The Hogwarts Sorting hat


What’s the matter with the climate negotiations? At the end of the year, 195 countries, called Parties, should sign the Paris agreement, which will replace the 1997 Kyoto Protocol and define the international climate policy starting in 2020. However, the negotiating text is still too long and full of very different options. And the process to shorten that text is painstakingly slow.

How did we get there?  A 37-pages-long text came out of COP20 that was held in Lima, Peru. It was supposed to serve as a basis for the Paris agreement this year. But this text was heavily criticized by Parties because they felt that the co-chairs pretty much wrote it instead of them. There was therefore a clear lack of trust between the former co-chairs and the Parties. When new negotiations were held in Geneva, two new co-chairs were nominated: Ahmed Djoghlaf, from Algeria, and Daniel Reifsnyder, from the U.S. At the same time, a new approach of the dynamics between co-chairs and Parties was established. The latter were invited to add all the paragraphs they wanted to the text so that every possibility would be in the text coming out of Geneva. This process went smoothly with a clear gratitude from the Parties to the co-chairs for this new way to take into account what they had to say. Then came the difficult part: streamlining. What is streamlining? The Geneva text was 90-page long. The final text agreed upon in Paris should be around 15-page long. In between, negotiators need an intermediary text with different options in order to go back and forth between their national decision-makers and the negotiation room and actually choose the most satisfying options. This intermediary text should have been the outcome of the negotiations in Bonn held in June 2015. Easier said than done.  For anyone who has already been in the large plenary room of an UNFCCC negotiation, in Bonn, it was quite impossible to achieve an efficient streamlining process during the negotiations in June: only 5% of the text was trimmed in two weeks.

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Alice’s adventures in ADPland (2/2)

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The trial

In the next room Alice entered, all the Kings and Queens were solemnly sitting around a large table, so large that it went from one end of the room to the other. Stuck in a tiny corner, speccy people were preparing their fingers to write each and every word that would be said.

The White Rabbit cried out :

Silence in the court ! I will read the accusation :

The Kings and Queens, they had a clean atmosphere,

Since the beginning of  time.

The Kings and Queens, they stole this clean atmosphere, 

And drove the temperature up !

All are guilty, and yet no one is. The first defendant – a black King – said :

We agree that the matter requires our best attention, but we only stole a small share of the clean atmosphere. And it seems like all  these changes will affect us, more than the others. How unfair is that ?

Another defendant said :

That is true, we have been stealing for many years, and not just a little. But the Court should consider that the past remain the past – there is no need to designate culprits, it is the future that we should focus our efforts on.

Some claimed “We will stop stealing only if you start doing it first ! » Others responded “We will stop stealing only if you too commit not to steal anymore.” It seemed like an endless discussion, going around in circles…

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Climate Talks, Negotiation Process, The Climate Nerd Chronicles

Alice’s adventures in ADPland (1/2)

This article is part of the Cimate Nerd Chronicles

Read the 2nd part of this chronicle: Alice’s adventures in ADPland (2/2)Bannière CN

Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by some strangers on the train and of having nothing to do. Once or twice she had peeped into the documents her neighbors were reading but they had no pictures or conversations in it, and « what is the use of a document », thought Alice, « if there are so many words in it! ».

She was wandering in her own thoughts when she saw a white rabbit wearing a blue necklace and a suitcase who seemed to be in a hurry.

Oh dear! oh dear! It shall be too late !

Alice thought that she had never seen a rabbit with a suitcase in the past, but following her instinct, decided to follow him. She jumped off the train and without even paying attention she had already entered a magical world – ADPland.

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On the Fury Road to COP21 – The 2015 World Summit Climate & Territories

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On 1st and 2nd July 2015, while hiking on the Fury Road to COP21, CliMates’ team decided to stop by at the World Summit for Climate and Territories (WSCT) in Lyon, France. Having supported for many years the necessity to accelerate the collaboration between local authorities and non-state actors such as youth NGOs, it looked like stepping into this international meeting was both an opportunity for us to spread our message and to challenge our conception of fighting climate change.

Art MM CMB 1

An unnamed CliMates’ official walking down from La Fourvière.

Looking for the notorious “Green Place” they have been searching for so many years, these young people went from one traveler to another, asking everyone about what way we should take for finding a better future. Some says they even found an old radio, still broadcasting to silent listeners scattered around the devastated continents, and carried the message that there were still people hoping to find solutions and that they wouldn’t let the world going adrift. This is why they took the lead of the meeting on education and awareness: they believed that we could change things by spreading knowledge on climate change and sharing practical solutions on mitigation and adaptation.

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Bonn’s negotiations: an unexpected journey (1/3)

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If climate change doesn’t affect Middle Earth yet – except perhaps in the Cabot Institute of the University of Bristol’s model -, it nevertheless remains a burning issue for our world with some strong Tolkienian accents. From 1st to 11th June 2015, the World Conference Center of Bonn (Germany) hosted the annual United Nations intermediary climate negotiations and prepared the road to the December 2015 COP21 Summit in Paris. For the dozen of young delegates of CliMates and REFEDD, stepping into these international talks for fighting against climate change, struggling for making their recommendations being heard by the world leaders, and carrying the hope of worldwide youth has been quite an exciting and stimulating journey.

An unidentified delegate trying to attend the 8AM YOUNGO meeting.

Up to now resting in their own comforting Parisian Shire and preparing their diplomatic adventures in the wooded Germany, they vivaciously answered to a deep and sincere call for action. Indeed, there was no need for the coming of twelve bearded dwarves and a tall magician to get them into the thrill of acting for the transition to greener societies and on the behalf of their kind. Moreover, by taking on the mantle, they challenged their national emissaries at the climate negotiations to continue to carry the torch of change towards more responsible economic and social systems. In other words, the French young delegates decided to be some unexpected visitors, those who surprise you by an unpredicted coming and try to remind you the reasons why you decided to take the road.

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