CliMates’ 5th anniversary


CliMates is 5 years old!!! Our amazing Mates got their heads together and wrote 5 articles relating 5 strong points of their project for the association’s 5th birthday. Isn’t it amazing?

CliMates is 5 – 1st article – 5 points for climate Justice

Have you ever seen your friends screaming and shouting in the street (especially around October-November) demanding for action and for commitment, holding a banner with « Justice Now » or « Time for Action » written on it? This is often confusing, you probably wonder what they were talking about.
In fact you are not alone. Many like you scratch their head when ecosteward friend all march-in together with big placards on roads or do flash mobs or flood your Facebook news feed with environmental hashtags. The term that describes this situation is « Climate Justice ».
So now that you know the terminology, why not digging a bit on the subject? For your convenience, I have listed down five points about Climate Justice.

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