CliMates Photo Contest 2015

Third Theme


Our third theme is « Life in a changing world or Our amazing biodiversity ».
We want you to explore biodiversity, and remind our population that humans are not the only life form on the planet! This can be anything from animals in the wild to a blade of grass growing through a crack in a city pavement. Whatever catches your eye!
When you’ve got your photo, send it along with a short description and your name. You have until the END OF SEPTEMBER to enter.

Discover our third theme winners.

Second Theme

water source of life

CliMates is very excited to announce the second theme of its photo contest: Water, source of life. Humans are convinced that we can control the great force of water: we bottle it and sell it in supermarkets; we install careful plumbing systems in our cities. But with rising sea levels, tidal waves, droughts and increasingly damaging ocean acidification, it is clear that we are destroying the balance of the hydrosphere that covers almost three quarters of earth’s surface.

We want you to show us all aspects of how water is used and abused, of its beauty and power and potential. Rivers, lakes, oceans, rain – even your kitchen sink – could be the subject of an interesting shot! Don’t be afraid to get creative.

Discover our second theme winners.

First Theme


Discover our first theme winners.


CliMates’ Photo contest official rules


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