banner-negoThe CliMates community is proud to present its next step in the negotiation tracking process: Negographics!

Sometimes words explain perfectly an idea, but an image is worth a thousand words, and we want to show you through infographics how climate negotations can be analyzed and understood. This is negographics!

And dare we say… Nego-tastic?

Negographics n°3 – Climate change and Desertification Conventions, the destinies of twin sisters

Desertification and land degradation is however a crucial issue, at the crossroads of food security, ecosystem and human health, climate, development and poverty.

Negographics 3

Extracted from the Article Climate change and Desertification Conventions, the destinies of twin sisters


Negographics n°2 – Climate Green Fund: What is achieved so far?

A review of the achievements of the Climate Green Fund so far:

GCF negographics


Negographics n°1 – Paris Agreement 2015: What’s Next?

55 signatories and 55% of global GHG emissions, what does that represent ? Here is a breakdown:


Extracted from the article Paris Agreement 2015: What’s Next?


Did you know they like Negographics?

Vertigo Lab used it to illustrate an article on the Green Climate Fund (in French)

The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB), a global initiative hosted by the UNEP, shared our article :