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CliMates’ Photo Contest 2015

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A thousand words…

Over recent years, scientists have gathered enormous amounts of data on the subject of climate change. But it has been hard to convince the world to change its ways with a series of charts and figures.

The novelist C.S. Lewis wrote: “Reason is the natural organ of truth; but imagination is the organ of meaning”.

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CliMates enters the blogosphere

I am thrilled to be writing down the very first words of what I hope will be a persistent, entertaining and engaging series for the brand new blog of CliMates: the CliM’Blog!

It is about time that CliMates shared and put forward the ideas and current thinking going around within our young and boiling association. Indeed we’d like now to engage the conversation, debate and exchange points of view on issues we are passionate about. And what better, more fun and more inclusive way to achieve all this than a blog!

The aim of this blog will be to tell stories about tackling climate change. Some of these stories will be linked to the research themes CliMates delegates are working on together, and on which they share and propose solutions through our interactive platform. Others will take off on different tangents, along with political and scientific news, other current research, as well as the inspiration of our bloggers. But the thread tying them together will be the mission of CliMates: finding and putting forward new ideas to achieve climate action… and bring about positive change in different realms of decision-making.

Here you will also find some news concerning CliMates – about its research of course, but also on what’s going on about our partnerships and who’s joined our network lately.

Our hope is that you have as much fun reading our posts as we plan having writing them.

CliMates was created as an opportunity for youth to have their voices heard in the discussion on climate resilience and to positively influence their future. CliMates is also an opportunity to join a community built on an issue they care about, and connect with others around the world by sharing their concerns, knowledge and innovative ideas.

We feel like, as students, we have the ability to look at old problems with a fresh eye. The way we see it, youth should gain confidence in what they have to say, and rather than leave to experts and politicians the decisive task of protecting the climate, take fully part in the conversation and actively contribute by providing new thinking and defining an alternative agenda.

There are no grown ups we can rely on, so let’s step in ourselves.

We live in an increasingly bottom-up world. More than ever before on a global scale, we have the ability to “see” each other and to relate to each other. Thus it is our responsibility, as digitally empowered citizens, to develop a clear vision of the kind of world we want to live in, and to put pressure on decision makers to get serious about achieving it.

The Rio +20 Conference coming this June and the COP18 in Qatar next December have the potential to mark the beginning of both a new economic paradigm and a new climate negotiating process, and we have a chance to put sustainable development at the heart of the global agenda. But this will not happen without a strong, visionary and innovative civil society.

In this context, let us take fully part in the effort by raising the voice of the student civil society worldwide.

Victor Hugo said (and it is the message of the Kony 2012 video): “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” And we think the time for international climate collaboration has come.