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Bonn’s negotiations: an unexpected journey (1/3)

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If climate change doesn’t affect Middle Earth yet – except perhaps in the Cabot Institute of the University of Bristol’s model -, it nevertheless remains a burning issue for our world with some strong Tolkienian accents. From 1st to 11th June 2015, the World Conference Center of Bonn (Germany) hosted the annual United Nations intermediary climate negotiations and prepared the road to the December 2015 COP21 Summit in Paris. For the dozen of young delegates of CliMates and REFEDD, stepping into these international talks for fighting against climate change, struggling for making their recommendations being heard by the world leaders, and carrying the hope of worldwide youth has been quite an exciting and stimulating journey.

An unidentified delegate trying to attend the 8AM YOUNGO meeting.

Up to now resting in their own comforting Parisian Shire and preparing their diplomatic adventures in the wooded Germany, they vivaciously answered to a deep and sincere call for action. Indeed, there was no need for the coming of twelve bearded dwarves and a tall magician to get them into the thrill of acting for the transition to greener societies and on the behalf of their kind. Moreover, by taking on the mantle, they challenged their national emissaries at the climate negotiations to continue to carry the torch of change towards more responsible economic and social systems. In other words, the French young delegates decided to be some unexpected visitors, those who surprise you by an unpredicted coming and try to remind you the reasons why you decided to take the road.

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