Youth on the Move

Youth on the Move : a new perspective on climate migration

This CliMates project aims at showing the often neglected facet of this global and modern challenge : climate refugees. And how to better tell this story than through the eyes of youth, the first generation that can no longer project itself where it lives ; where their parents have always lived ? But first and foremost a generation that has grown up with this conscience of a threatened world and wants to pioneer solutions for the future.

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Our project

We first wish to highlight the relevance of the climate factor when it comes to migration.

We want to show that youth is the most affected by climate migrations, but is also a legitimate stakeholder in this discussion and can be more than ever a proposing force. Most of all, we want to raise awareness on this issue and show the importance of acting, carrying solutions and forming an opinion on the question of climate migrants.

Our idea ? Creating a network of ideas and solutions, a place where youth could share common solutions, gather information and share their personal experience.

How ? By creating a web series format documentary. We will collect experiences and proposals from youth who are directly or indirectly threatened by the effects of climate change. Articles, photography and factual information will complete this web series to make it a useful and accessible tool for all.

Productions of the project

1 – First born of the Youth on the Move project, read the article 5 misconceptions on climate migrations and change the way you see climate-induced migrations.

2 – Discover the teaser of our upcoming webseries


3 – During COP22, the subject of migration had hard time making its way into the negotiations. Read here our article on the role of climate migration in the UNFCCC process.