Balancing adaptation at COP22: the future of adaptation finance

This article is written by Lisa Murken.

climate_header_b3Adaptation has long been dwarfed by the big challenge of mitigation. Since the beginning of the climate negotiations, countries have emphasised their preference for mitigation action in order to avert the most dire climate change consequences. Politicians avoided talking about adaptation, in order to not give the impression of surrendering to an inevitable fate of disastrous climate change. As understandable as this narrative may be, over the past years it became increasingly clear that this is no longer supportable. Climate change impacts are no dismal future scenario anymore: unfortunately in many countries climate change is already a reality.

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COP22: Securing equal rights for women on paper is not enough

This article is written by Bindu Bhandari.

As smallholder farmers in many parts of the world, women play a crucial role in food production to feed a 7.4 billion people’s world. In its recent ‘State of Food and Agriculture’ (SOFA 2016), the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) highlights that most of the world’s poor and hungry are located in rural areas who rely on agriculture for their living.

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After Marrakech: climate finance and the NDCs in the Pacific Islands

This article is written by Mouna Chambon.

An important issue that has been discussed at the COP22 in Marrakech is the allocation of the financial resources required for implementing the NDCs in the Pacific region.
People in Pacific Island Countries (PICs) are disproportionately more impacted by climate change than other regions of the world. While the PICs are standing at the frontline of climate change, they are those that contribute the least to global GHGs emissions.

But as many other Least Developed Countries (LDCs), they suffer from a lack of capital bases and foreign investment for climate action. As a climate justice issue, there has been gradual recognition that developed countries should provide their support in mitigation and adaptation projects. As a result, climate finance has become a central pillar of climate negotiations.

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In Marrakech, developed countries reaffirmed the objective adopted in the preamble to the Paris Agreement to jointly mobilise USD 100 billion per year of public and private finance by 2020 for climate mitigation and adaptation in developing countries. However, many challenges still remain in achieving this goal in the Pacific region.

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Dumbledore’s Army of COPs : YOUNGO


This article is part of the Climate Nerd Chronicles

When the magical world is at risk and the politics ignore it, young people get their wands out and get it done. Here in COP-warts, they joined their powers to fight against the rise of the Dark Carbon. All Houses gathered and they are ready to fight for a safe and sustainable magical world.

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ACE AT COP22: Action for Climate Empowerment

ace-logoThis article is written by Alice Guérin.

YOUNGO‘s (the Youth constituency to the UNFCCC) ACE  working group went through a great time of effective work at COP22. Let me tell you more about it !

In YOUNGO, we work within several working groups, each of them focusing on a specific topic. This week, I joined the ACE (Action for Climate Empowerment) working group. We were about 20 youth from various countries, backgrounds and organizations meeting everyday at 9am after the unconditional YOUNGO meeting.

ACE refers to Article 6 of the Convention and Article 12 of the Paris Agreement . It states that Parties shall cooperate in taking measures, as appropriate, to enhance climate change education, training, public awareness, public participation and public access to information.

To advocate on these issues, we organized and achieved several things.

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What role for climate migration in the UNFCCC negotiations?

This article is written by Lisa Murken and is part of the Youth on the Move project.

15064983_10210754503079920_1374850720_oAn important topic receiving more and more attention is the issue of climate-induced displacement, more commonly referred to as climate migration. Many organisations work on this topic, including CliMates!
At the last official day of COP22, we will present our project “Youth on the Move”, and hope for a fruitful discussion with many participants. But we are not the only ones lancing the conversation on this issue. A number of side-events at COP22 have already dealt withclimate migration, hosted amongst others by the IOM and UNICEF.
What about the role thatclimate migration plays in the official UN negotiations on climate change? Where is it discussed and has there already been any progress?

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COP22- The COP of InAction?

This article is written by Lisa Murken

The Moroccan Presidency ambitiously labelled this year’s climate conference the “COP of action”. All throughout Marrakech big red signs remind the visitor of this theme, they say: “Act”, also in Arabic and French. But so far, this conference feels more like a cosy get-together of a relieved climate community that still celebrates last year’s success of the historic Paris Agreement. Maybe it is the very agreeable Moroccan sun and the inviting and interesting city of Marrakech, that makes negotiators and observers alike rather light-hearted and draws attention away from the task ahead.


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