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“Trumpetus”, the rise of the forgotten curse

This article is part of the Climate Nerd Chronicles.

Imagine you were working so hard for something so important. Imagine after years of involvement, international work, scientists research and negotiators involvement, we were slowly reaching the final line. Everything seemed to evolve slowly but everything was, at least, evolving. We did believe in the future because it was the only thing we could do. We were acting, tirelessly, hoping that each small step will be a huge step forward for magical COP-eration. However, we may not have expected one small, tiny and forgotten curse, which may have a huge effect: “Trumpetus”.

“Trumpetus” has the effect on the magic world to plunge it into continuous decadence. For years, wizards have been warning the Muggles’ world that their behaviours and political evolving was unsustainable. Wizards observed corruption, friendship between business, political parties and Death-eaters, lack of Muggle national responsibility, the endless gap between the elite and the people and the inability of the governments to face people’s will.

Some Muggles’ leaders tried everything to resolve the situation. “Terrorismus” and even “ISISmus”, all spells-gone-wrong, cursing the entire world into fear and madness. Foreign Muggles policy, defining a common Muggle enemy, giving more rights for past discriminated Muggle groups, raising fears, nothing worked from the proposition of the magical community. The Muggles nations was facing its worst enemy: themselves. Muggles were hating each other, tricks were common and lack of solidarity was in inflation. Even if the Muggles were all from a same big family, they took the habit to raise borders, walls, and distinctions: the “we” and “them“.

Muggles, obsessed by their development and short term gains, forgetting that they were part of a bigger world, the magic universe, produced wealth by destroying the magic essence. With the Muggles’ Fake-Magic Revolution, Muggles realized that they could extract magic to produce wealth. That was great. However, most powerful Muggles communities invaded weaker communities to get their resources, establishing a bloody domination. The Fake-Magic Revolution also induced the progressive loss of all Real-Magic essence. The quick and unsustainable extraction destroyed Magic environments and had for main outcome the pollution of Muggles world.

Using magic in a limitless way was a bad idea. But they didn’t care. Business is Business. However, a small group of Openly-magical wizard activists raised their voice and increasingly gained in weight. Wizards, fearing for their magic resources, environment and future generations, started advocating in favour of a more sustainable Muggle world.

Steps after steps, wizard activists gained some Muggles recognition. However, something big long forgotten threat reappeared: “Trumpetus”. Lord Vol-de-Trump thought it would be fun to run for one of the biggest Muggles’ nation’s presidency. Lord Vol-de-Trump has an untold confession: he failed in his exam to join the Death-Eater leadership community, but since has made up for it, almost becoming the new You-Know-Who. His new followers, rising from the effects of his curse, are slowly making themselves known. But this new evil is only beginning to rise. Thankfully, the magical community stand united and call for actions everywhere to protect both Muggles and Magicals, and their future.


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